Emergency Procedures for Churches

By | November 21, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers this week are with all those who lost a loved one or their homes and belongings in the recent tornados that passed through Central Illinois. We pray in this difficult time for their healing in body, mind, and soul and that the Lord will show us how we can help in the best possible ways. This is also perhaps a good time to mention that several years ago Emergency Procedures were developed specifically for our church by one of our members who works in that field. Trinity members can find these in the back of the new Worship Assistants Manual and posted in the Ushers Room. It would be good for those who serve in the church to regularly review them so that we are ready for any type of circumstance. If you have not received the newly revised Worship Assistants Manual and would like one, please call our Church Office.

I would urge all churches to develop similar procedures if you have not already done so.

Author: Martin Dicke

Martin Dicke is a lifelong music educator and church musician having served in many capacities. For more information, visit www.jubalslyre.com/about-us.