Music Missionary for the Asia Region

In April 2017 I returned to Papua New Guinea where I was born to serve as a music missionary to the people of the Enga Province and the Gutnius (Good News) Lutheran Church. I have now been asked to serve the Asia Region as a Music Specialist. Below you find all of our newsletters and links to other aspects of our mission work.

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Dr. Martin Dicke
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Newsletter Links:


Apr-Jun 2022 Newsletter – Updates/Theology of Music/Retirement of Julie Lutz
Jan-Mar 2022 Newsletter – Three Large Book Shipments for PNG


Nov/Oct 2021 Newsletter – Christmas Greetings
Jul/Aug 2021 Newsletter – Presentations and Lecture/Demonstration Recitals in Taiwan
May/June 2021 Newsletter – Off to Taiwan
Jan/Feb 2021 Newsletter – Complete Projects and Next Steps


Oct/Nov 2020 Newsletter – Ongoing Resource Projects for PNG
July 2020 Newsletter – New Movie to Fight SARV
June 2020 Newsletter – Introducing Music Specialists for Africa and Asia
May 2020 Newsletter – Hungering for the Word of God
April 2020 Newsletter – Pestilence and “Now Thank We All Our God”
Feb/Mar 2020 Newsletter – The Story of a Dedicated Lutheran Educator
January 2020 Newsletter – Endings and New Beginnings


December 2019 Newsletter – The Enga Bible Translation Project
Oct/Nov 2019 Newsletter – A Beloved Pastor is Called Home
September 2019 Newsletter – Ministry in the Bush
August 2019 Newsletter – A Difficult Transition
May 2019 Newsletter – Home Service Visits
April 2019 Newsletter – Holy Saturday at Holy Cross
March 2019 Newsletter – PNG Women in Mission
February 2019 Newsletter – In Memory of Elinor (Dicke) Burce
January 2019 Newsletter – “Up from the Ashes”


December 2018 Newsletter – 2018 in Review
November 2018 Newsletter – Celebrating 70 Years in PNG
October 2018 Newsletter – “Tow’ring O’er the Wrecks of Time”
September 2018 Newsletter – “Thanks for Everything, Mom! Say ‘Hi!” to Dad.”
August 2018 Newsletter – Sanguma Statement & PNG National Day of Repentance
July 2018 Newsletter – The Remarkable Story of the Tarua Circuit
June 2018 Newsletter – Reconnecting With Old Friends
May 2018 Newsletter – Ordination of Pastor James Minato/Enoch and the Spear Tip
April 2018 Newsletter – Lamb of God/Pastor John Mos from the “Big Bush
March 2018 Newsletter – A Year of Ministry in Review
February 2018 Newsletter – Ash Wednesday and the Ring of Fire
January 2018 Newsletter – Five New Pastors for the Gutnius Lutheran Church


December 2017 Newsletter – Christmas in Papua New Guinea
November 2017 Newsletter – Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation
October 2017 Newsletter – Explanation of the Luther Seal in Tok Pisin and English
September 2017 Newsletter – “How the Good News Came to Enga” Presentation
August 2017 Newsletter – Term 3 Begins at Timothy Lutheran Seminary
July 2017 Newsletter – Meet Badu Amos
June 2017 Newsletter – Funerals, Memorials, and Victory Celebrations
May 2017 Newsletter – Sharing Jesus Through Music in PNG
April 2017 Newsletter – Some of the Saints in PNG
March 2017 Newsletter – “But What Will You Do in PNG?”
February 2017 Newsletter – “A Music Missionary?”
January 2017 Newsletter – “Where Will You Live in PNG?”


December 2016 Newsletter – Graduation at Timothy Lutheran Seminary
November 2016 Newsletter – “Let’s Climb Mt. Hagen”
October 2016 NewsletterFrom Ghosts to God in Enga Land
September 2016 Newsletter – “God is My Realtor”
August 2016 Newsletter – PNG Mission Work Past and Present

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Dr. Martin Dicke
[email protected]

PNG National Day of Repentance 2018 at Timothy Lutheran Seminary, Birip, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea