Top Ten List – April 2015

By | April 10, 2015

Last week this blog surpassed 7,500 total hits. Not much as far as some blogs go, but pretty good I guess for this little one on sacred music. I hope that you have found some practical and, most importantly, spiritual benefit from my thoughts and ramblings. If you know of anyone who could benefit from these postings, please forward this message to them and encourage them to subscribe as well.

In case you missed some of them, here are the ten most popular blog posts on this blog since it was started on January 26, 2013. By far the most popular blog was on the Christmas carol “Silent Night.” However, my recent blog Instruments in the Bible – Bells struck a chord (pun intended) and seems to have met a deep need because it was shared by many people on Facebook. In just a few weeks it became my second most popular blog. Over the next two years I plan to write a series of blogs about all of the musical instruments mentioned in the Bible. Stay tuned!

Ten Most Popular Blogs on (as of April 10, 2015)

  1. Thoughts on “Silent Night” – 747
  2. Instruments in the Bible – Bells – 375
  3. A New Metrical Translation of the Original “Silent Night” – 285
  4. The Paradoxes of “This Little Babe” – 244
  5. Thoughts on “The Sussex Carol” – 195
  6. Thoughts on “O Come, All Ye Faithful” – 195
  7. Thoughts on “Of the Father’s Love Begotten” – 192
  8. The Sound of Rejoicing . . . Could Be Heard Far Away – 162
  9. Thoughts on “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” – 127
  10. Thoughts on “O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright” – 119

In addition there were 2,249 views of the Home page and 339 views of the Music page.

God bless you and keep on singing the Eternal Song.