Mission Work in Papua New Guinea

Missionaries Julie Lutz and Marie Dicke receiving a gift from Sukutea (Resurrection) Lutheran Church, Yaramanda thanking the LCMS for bringing the Good News to the Enga Province in November 1948.

In April 2017 my wife Marie and I returned to Papua New Guinea where I was born to serve as music missionaries to the people of the Enga Province and the Gutnius (Good News) Lutheran Church. Below you find links to all of our newsletters and many other aspects of our ministry.

As this year comes to a close, please prayerfully consider a Christmas donation or a special year-end gift so that we can continue to proclaim God’s love to the people in Papua New Guinea. Your prayers are an encouragement to us and your generous financial support allows us to share God’s love and mercy to the people here. One-time or recurring gifts may be made securely at lcms.org/dicke or missioncentral.us/dicke.

Please also consider supporting us in the coming year. The needs here are very great. Thank you for sending us and making it possible for us to share the message of our crucified and risen Savior Jesus Christ with those in Papua New Guinea.

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Martin Dicke

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Resources for PNG Christians:

To view and/or download literature that we have been producing for the churches and schools of Papua New Guinea, click on the links below.

Please feel free to share them with your family or use them in your own churches or schools. These documents are sized for A4 paper, the standard paper used in PNG. If you would like copy on Letter (8½ x 11) paper, please write to me at martin.dicke@lcms.org.

Newsletter Links:


May 2019 Newsletter – Home Service Visits
April 2019 Newsletter – Holy Saturday at Holy Cross
March 2019 Newsletter – PNG Women in Mission
February 2019 Newsletter – In Memory of Elinor (Dicke) Burce
January 2019 Newsletter – “Up from the Ashes”


December 2018 Newsletter – 2018 in Review
November 2018 Newsletter – “Celebrating 70 Years in PNG”
October 2018 Newsletter – “Tow’ring O’er the Wrecks of Time”
September 2018 Newsletter – “Thanks for Everything, Mom! Say ‘Hi!” to Dad.”
August 2018 Newsletter – Sanguma Statement & PNG National Day of Repentance
July 2018 Newsletter – The Remarkable Story of the Tarua Circuit
June 2018 Newsletter – Reconnecting With Old Friends
May 2018 Newsletter – Ordination of Pastor James Minato/Enoch and the Spear Tip
April 2018 Newsletter – Lamb of God/Pastor John Mos from the “Big Bush
March 2018 Newsletter – A Year of Ministry in Review
February 2018 Newsletter – Ash Wednesday and the Ring of Fire
January 2018 Newsletter – Five New Pastors for the Gutnius Lutheran Church


December 2017 Newsletter – Christmas in Papua New Guinea
November 2017 Newsletter – Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation
October 2017 Newsletter – Explanation of the Luther Seal in Tok Pisin and English
September 2017 Newsletter – “How the Good News Came to Enga” Presentation
August 2017 Newsletter – Term 3 Begins at Timothy Lutheran Seminary
July 2017 Newsletter – Meet Badu Amos
June 2017 Newsletter – Funerals, Memorials, and Victory Celebrations
May 2017 Newsletter – Sharing Jesus Through Music in PNG
April 2017 Newsletter – Some of the Saints in PNG
March 2017 Newsletter – “But What Will You Do in PNG?”
February 2017 Newsletter – “A Music Missionary?”
January 2017 Newsletter – “Where Will You Live in PNG?”


December 2016 Newsletter – Graduation at Timothy Lutheran Seminary
November 2016 Newsletter – “Let’s Climb Mt. Hagen”
October 2016 NewsletterFrom Ghosts to God in Enga Land
September 2016 Newsletter – “God is My Realtor”
August 2016 Newsletter – PNG Mission Work Past and Present

Click here for an archive of our latest Prayer Requests and Ministry Emails.

Contact Information:

Martin and Marie Dicke
PO Box 803
Mt Hagen 281
Papua New Guinea


PNG National Day of Repentance 2018 at Timothy Lutheran Seminary, Birip, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea