Wanpela Song Long Refomesen De (A Song for Reformation Day)

By | November 1, 2015

Martin LutherLong taim bilong Refomesen, Martin Luther (1483-1546) raitim planti song bilong lotu. Luther i raitim tok wantaim nek bilong dispela song. Tok bilong song bilong Luther litimapim nem bilong Jisas Krais na singautim marimari God i salim yumi olgeta long kisim bek wok bilong Jisas. Wantaim Aposel Pol, Martin Luther tok olsem: kisim bek wok bilong God, em i wok bilong Jisas Krais tasol.

During the Reformation, Martin Luther (1483-1546) wrote many hymns for worship. Luther wrote both the words and the melodies of these songs. All of his songs point to Jesus Christ and proclaim the mercy God has sent us through the redemptive work of Jesus. Along with the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther preached that our salvation is the work of Jesus Christ alone.

“A Mighty Fortress” i namba wan song bilong Martin Luther. Luteran long olgeta taim na olgeta ples singim dispela song. Tok bilong dispela song i stap ananit. Sapos yu laik harim song, klik long piksa. Sapos yu klikim piksa, yu ken putim song long telifon bilong yu tu. Sampela Papua New Guinea misinari i bin singim dispela song long Bung long Trinity Lutheran Church, Peoria, Illinois, USA long Julai 2015.

“A Mighty Fortress” is one of Martin Luther’s greatest songs. Lutherans from all times and places have and continue to sing this song. The words of this song are below. If you want to hear the song, click on the picture. If you click on the picture, you can also download the song to your phone. Some Papua New Guinea missionaries sang this song at a gathering at Trinity Lutheran Church, Peoria, Illinois, USA in July 2015.

God i strongpe-ela banis b’long mi, em yet i helpim mi-i sanap.
Oltaim i sa-ave stro-ongim mi, taim kain kain hevi i-i kamap.
Satan i wokabout, na mi mas lu-ukaut.
Em man b’long giaman tru, em i strongpela tu,
i no gat man long gra-aun olsem.

Strong b’long mi ye-et i no-o inap, bai mi pundaun na ba-agarap.
Tasol Helpi-im b’long mi-i i stap, God makim em, na i-i kamap.
Husat Helpim b’long mi? God Pikini-ini.
Jisas, strongpela tru, i King b’long mi na yu,
na em inap long wi-inim pait.

S’pos man b’long Sa-atan planti tumas ol i laik bagara-apim mi.
mi no ken pre-et, mi a-amamas, ol no inap i da-aunim mi.
Ol man bilong tudak laik mekim ha-ambak
Tasol i no inap, Tok bilong God i stap,
na em inap long ra-ausim ol.

Tok bilong Go-od i bo-osim graun, ol man i no ina-ap sakim.
Jisas yet e-em i bi-in kamdaun, olgeta strong em i-i holim.
Ol bagarapim mi na bodi bilong mi,
na haus na fam’li tu, ol no inap win tru,
Kingdom b’long God stap long yumi.

As bilong dispela song i stap long Buk Song 46, wanpela song ol lain Kora.

The song is based on Psalm 46, one of the songs of the Sons of Korah.

This song is #347 in Amamas Wantaim Na Lotu Long God (Lae: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea, 2004) and #244 in Lotu Buk (Madang: Lutheran Mission Press, 1963).

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